Digit Shooter

Digit Shooter

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Digit Shooter
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Digit Shooter Overview


Digit Shooter is the latest hypercasual game online in 3D that we invite you to play here today, a sliding, running, and shooting game all at once, one that features digits and numbers, an experience we have full confidence you are going to really love, just like we did, and in this following part of the article we will teach you what to do!

Become the most skilled Digit Shooter online!

Use the mouse to drag the digit left and right if playing on computers, and use the finger on mobile devices, doing so in order to shoot into the digits and make them green, collect them, get bigger numbers, and do the same for the red ones, in minus, so that you transform them green and collect them.

The bigger number you have gained by the end of the course, the more bonus points you are going to earn, so we hope that you always aim for a lot. Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since there are always more awesome games we're cooking up for you, right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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