Air Kiss

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What is Air Kiss?

Air Kiss

Air Kiss is a hypercasual runner game online 3D with a romantic element from it, as you will be shooting air kisses as well, as you face the courses, and we're absolutely sure you will love the experience, especially after we teach it to you all right now and here since we want to make sure you're having a blast!

Shoot an Air Kiss online right now!

Hold the mouse or finger and drag to move the girl as she is running, having to blow kisses at the boys to eliminate them from her path, and the more of them you take out by the end of the level, the more extra points you get.

Go through the green gates to get a bigger fire rate or a dual shot ability, or any other upgrades they offer, but avoid the red gates, since they make you slower and harder to shoot, and you will lose if you bump into boys that you don't have enough kisses to shoot at, each having their own number.

Try to see how many of the levels you can complete, and make sure to try out more of our hypercasual games for girls here, we've got a few awesome ones in addition to this one to try out!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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