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Published13.07.2023 is an original creation developed in-house by our team who wants you to play the best Skibidi Games online on the internet, and this game is both hypercasual and in two players at the same time, so there are plenty of reasons to try it in addition to that, and we're now going to explain what to do, so you can start having fun at once!

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If playing in two players, one controls the toilet using the WASD keys, and the other player uses the ARROW keys. On the map made out of hexagons, you have to collect more toilet paper than the other player and the bots and make sure to avoid the spikes that push you, as well as the other toilets that do the same.

If you fall off course, or if you fall into the holes that appear on the map, you lose. It's a battle of survival, where everyone tries to last longer, and you should try using the money you earn to buy new skins for your toilet to use. Good luck, we wish you the best, and truly hope to see you around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the ARROWS.

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