Dumpling Jumpling

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What is Dumpling Jumpling?

Dumpling Jumpling

Dumpling Jumpling is going to be one of the best new jumping games online we've had on our website in a while, which is why we highly recommend it for you all right now, and we hope to see you try it out even if you don't usually play these games because we have a gut feeling you will love this either way!

Let's have fun Dumpling Jumpling online!

In the kitchen, various cans, boxes, and other containers will be stacked on top of each other one after the other, coming from the left or right, and know that you have to click or tap when they do so that you jump on them, and this way reach heights as big as possible.

Know that if you can't, you lose and have to restart again from the bottom, or from your last point, if you got to a previous checkpoint. Every new time you play, make sure that you are getting bigger records than the last time so that you become a better and more skilled jumper. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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