Evil Babysitter Nun's Curse

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What is Evil Babysitter Nun's Curse?

Evil Babysitter Nun's Curse

Evil Babysitter Nun's Curse is yet another horror survival game in 3D you will not want to miss out on our website for anything in the world, because, just like with the other ones, it is one of the best ones in the genre, as we take great care of this category to only make it better through each new addition in it!

Stop the Evil Babysitter and the Nun's Curse!

Firstly, know your controls: WASD is used for walking, CTRL to crouch, E for interaction, and T for hints.

You are being trapped by Sister Madeline, a nun who is also evil and acts as your babysitter, so you have to escape out of the school but try not to leave your fellow students behind since there are other kids trapped there who would need some help.

Move through the house, find clues, and items that can help you, open up doors, pick up people along the way, and maybe get rid of the curse, all the while you try to avoid the nun's hammer because she is chasing you down, and, if you get caught by her, you lose and have to try again.

Don't worry, do it, and we're sure you will be braver next time, do better, and have even more fun!

How to play?

Use WASD, ctrl, E, and T.

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