Epic Battle Puzzle

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What is Epic Battle Puzzle?

Epic Battle Puzzle

There's no way you could be going wrong right now by playing one of our latest 2 player games online, Epic Battle Puzzle, which is both a strategy and thinking game, and a fighting game all at the same time, since you need brains, not only brawns, to win battles, something we will now teach you here how to do, so you can start having all the fun in the world!

Let's solve and win the Epic Battle Puzzle online!

With your friend or family member, you will control the two characters, as you need to work together to defeat orcs, dragons, monsters, and all sorts of creatures, which you can only kill if they have lower points than yours, so make sure to accumulate power before dealing with them.

After you've killed the monsters with lower points, you can take their power defeat the big bosses, and rescue the hostages that they have taken to win each battle and complete each stage. For the controls, here they are:

  • WASD to move and jump.
  • ARROWS to move, jump, and the down one for picking up or dropping off items.

We're sure you've got it, but if not, you can view the walkthrough video and preview below. Start now, have the best time, and keep playing our games for two players, they are always awesome!

Game Walkthrough

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