Jelly Mario

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What is Jelly Mario?

Jelly Mario

Jelly Mario takes the original Super Mario Bros game and changes it up a little bit through the fact that it makes Mario out of jelly, meaning that his movements are going to be totally different from what you might be used to, for sure, and we will now explain how to go through the experience, so there are going to be no problems!

Star the adventures of Jelly Mario online!

Use the arrow keys to move him around, even flying, as jelly people jump a bit differently, as you try to keep the movements in such a way that you don't hit into the monsters, fall into the pits and traps, and make sure to hit the bricks, collect coins, and try growing up, getting faster, or being able to shoot by eating the mushrooms that give you those abilities.

Think you can finish this game with a whole new gameplay mechanic? We think so, which is why we encourage you to start right now, have fun, and certainly come back tomorrow too, when even more great games are surely going to follow!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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