Twist Hit

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What is Twist Hit?

Twist Hit

Twist Hit is the latest hypercasual 3d skill game with shooting elements we had dear to our hearts to bring over for you all right now, knowing from our own time with it just how much fun it can be, something we will now explain, so that you can have fun with it too, no matter your age!

Make the Twist Hit online to grow things!

Hold the mouse or touch controls to shoot the color and fill up the circles or other shapes, making sure not to hit the moving obstacles, doing so one color after another, because together, when all have been hit and twisted, they will bring to reality a certain item, such as a tree in the first level.

Of course, your skills and reaction time need to upgrade through the levels, since they only get more difficult. Good luck, enjoy, and see if any of your friends also want to play this, they would regret not doing it, believe us!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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