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AshBelt Overview


AshBelt is an anime-inspired street-fighting game online with action, adventure, and platform elements all into one, with a stickman-like quality, and a world in black and white, which used to be protected by a God until it was left alone, and now it is filled with creepy creatures that you and your warrior have to defeat!

Fight monsters and survive the world of AshBelt online!

Move with the ARROWS, use space to jump, A to shoot, and S to slice, with you being able to change controls from the controls menu in the main one.

As you get put in this world, there will be monsters appearing left and right, and you have to advance through them by defeating them, and try to get a big record by advancing a big distance, and taking down as many of them as possible!

If you die, feel confident to restart, and try harder the next time, as we are positive that the more you keep playing, the more monsters you can take down, and the better you can perform.

We wish you good luck and all the best, inviting you to stick around for more action-packed games like this!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS, spacebar, A, S keys.

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Author: D-Sun

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