Three Chickens

Three Chickens

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Three Chickens
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Three Chickens Overview


Three Chickens is a game that aims to take what you know already about match 3 games online, and give it a fresh new spin you're certainly going to enjoy it, just like we did, which is how we can now give you details of how to play the game yourself too, confidently, and we're sure you will do a great job too!

Match Three Chickens online!

Chickens will come in a line down below, and you pick them up with the mouse or touch controls and drop them in one of the rows of squares. That's to match them with two more chickens of the same color, at which point they get eliminated, and you get points in return. The chicken keeps moving, so you should too!

If they reach the end of the path, they automatically get put in the first available slot, which might not be good for you. If you overfill chickens and you cannot make any more matches, you lose. The game runs endlessly otherwise, for as long as you can keep matching the animals, so attempt to have the biggest score in the game, climb the leaderboards, and maybe share the results with us in the comments.

It's that simple and fun, so make sure you're starting it right now, and then sticking around for even more daily games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Drop the chickens into the square you want before they automatically get placed otherwise.
  • It does not matter the shape the chickens get matched in, as long as they are one next to the other.


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