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Gun Fest

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Gun Fest
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Gun Fest Overview


Gun Fest is a top new hypercasual shooter game online with runner elements in 3D, mobile-friendly, just like you like them, which we could not have missed an opportunity to add today on our website, where we always want to see you playing the best game there are, something we know from checking them out ourselves, which is how we will now explain what to do, so even newcomers can give it their best!

Take part in the best Gun Fest online!

In each level, aim to get at the end of the roads with as many guns as possible, so that you can shoot through the enemies there a lot of times, and get lots of bonus points in return. Between levels, you can use the money you've earned to buy upgrades and power-ups, better weapons and useful items to use.

To achieve this, go through the blue gates, which have additions and multipliers, and avoid the red ones with substractions and divisions. Shoot the foes you encounter, as well as the obstacles, with the numbers on them representing how many bullets it takes to dispose of them.

Clear your path with the many guns you have, so you have an easy way until the end, level after level until you finish all of them, and have proven yourselves as the best shooters out there!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Go through BLUE gates to add more weapons, avoid RED gates to not lose them.
  • Get bonus multipliers at the end by having collected lots of guns.
  • Earn lots of cash to equip yourselves for harder levels!

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