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Cleaner Fever
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Cleaner Fever Overview


Cleaner Fever is an online hypercasual 3D game with cleaning, as the title suggests, which has a focus on power-washing, which is one of the most oddly satisfying trends on the internet, as you can see many forums and channels dedicated to people cleaning up dirty surfaces using high-pressure water, but also soap and other tools or products, just like you will do here virtually.

This also means that the range of cleaning tools is bigger, and you can wipe floors bigger than any would be able to do in real life. It is very interesting, fun, and highly addictive, so it has all the ingredients you would need from our games, and for which you come over, and we're now going to show you how to do it too, and get into cleaning the floors!

Start the Cleaner Fever online!

In the first map of the first level, floor tiles like you would see in a bathroom are placed outside on the grass, and they are dirty. You will drag the mouse or touch controls to move your cleaner with the power-washing tool over them and get the first layer off, which is the mud and dirt.

When your vacuum is full, go and sell your dirt, and then use the cash left behind from the transaction to take to the upgrade area, where you should always upgrade your power and your capacity, to be able to wash faster and more with each new run.

As you finish with the dirt, you will also take out all the tiles above the grass, and you need to keep at it until only the grass is left, at which point the map is cleared, and the level won. Keep the upgrading in between. In each new level, you have harder maps, and that usually means that there will be more layers to power-wash off, tiles to pick up, and bigger surfaces too.

Of course, if you keep getting your tools bigger and better, and your skills improve, that won't be a problem, and we're sure you will make lots of extra money from your new cleaning job. Start it right away, step by step, and make the world clean!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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