BFDIA: 5b – Battle for Dream Island

BFDIA: 5b – Battle for Dream Island

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BFDIA: 5b – Battle for Dream Island
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BFDIA: 5b – Battle for Dream Island Overview


BFDIA: 5b – Battle for Dream Island is an online game based on the reality-tv show with animation made by Michael Huang and Cary Huang, who started off as YouTubers, so having online games based on their creation is something that makes a lot of sense, since this is made for all you internet kids and adults, taking the show and making into an interactive experience through a puzzle-platformer game featuring these anthropomorphic objects, with whom you will now face the challenge of Evil Leaf!

Play BFDIA: 5b and win the Battle for Dream Island online!

To finish each level you will play as Book, a notebook with stick hands and feet, which you have to help reach the door at the end of the level, making sure not to fall down between the platforms, since down below there are spikes, and getting stung by them means losing. Reset the level with R.

Use the arrow keys for moving, and press the spacebar to jump, as these are the main controls you need to know, and to advance dialogues with the characters, press enter. They will give you useful notes and hints, so take heed.

After Book does a few levels with you, other FreeSmart team characters join in the adventure, and each has their own unique abilities, so take note of them and use them to solve the puzzles of the levels to escape each place you are in.

One such thing that you could be doing is stacking boxes to make yourselves some stairs, you can create bridges out of materials, or even use buttons, teleporters, and other mechanics that help you overcome traps and dangers. Hold a button with one character, and move the other one through.

To change between the characters, when more get added to the adventure, press the Z key. There's also the level creator mode, which gives you characters, objects, tiles, backgrounds, and dialogues to add yourselves and create your own customized adventure. Try levels created by other players in the Explore menu.

Start this amazing adventure right now, and make sure that you're not stopping here, but checking out some similar games to this one when done since we already got you covered!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Interact with objects and characters to use their special features and abilities to complete the puzzles.
  • Use teamwork between the Battle for Dream Island characters to save all your friends!
  • Finish more than 100 levels and even create your own in the level editor.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the ARROWS, spacebar, Z key, and Enter.

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