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Sheep Sheep Duck

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Sheep Sheep Duck
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Sheep Sheep Duck Overview


Sheep Sheep Duck is a multiplayer game 3D made in an IO style unlike you get to find and play every day, precisely why our team was fast to share it with everyone, a hypercasual experience where you get to test your skills in games all about speed, wit, strategy, and more, where you get to develop all these skills and more, with our team having already played it, so we will now teach you how to do it too!

Play Sheep Sheep Duck online multiplayer!

A sheep avatar is granted to you, with which you enter the game and are given a random room to enter, where you meet players form all around the world, all having to abide by the rules of the game and generally you have only one goal, which is to be the last player standing, as you get hit, shot, trapped, and more!

For example, one game that you will encounter is one where you are trapped in a museum where a dinosaur's skeleton gets revived, and starts chasing all your sheep and ducks. As the dinosaur takes down players, run or hide from it, or use any other special skills you acquire to survive, and the last players win the round.

In other games you might have timed bombs that are ready to explode, have monsters waiting for you in boxes, and others! As you do great no matter the game, you earn coins, and you can take them into the main menu to evolve your avatar, or simply switch the style of design it has, having multiple skins to pick from, like:

  • Pink Style
  • White Style
  • Duck Style
  • Bunny Style
  • Tang Suit
  • Swimming
  • Chicken
  • Donkey
  • Street, and many more...

To move around you use WASD, to roll you use H, and to jump you use J. For mobile users, the handheld controls appear directly on the screen for you to use.

Before each random mini-game begins, you are given the rules, so follow them, and if you die you can spectate as a ghost, or wait for your turn to be revived and get back into action!

Let's begin all this fun right now, only here, and make sure you stick around, as we've got plenty more surprises in store!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, J, H.

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