A Difficult Game About Climbing

A Difficult Game About Climbing

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A Difficult Game About Climbing
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A Difficult Game About Climbing Overview


A Difficult Game About Climbing is exactly that, one of the most exciting new climbing games online in 3D, a popular that became quite popular over the past year or so, with this being made to resemble real-life difficult climbing as much as possible, as you got thrown into water, and now need to climb up a rock to get to safety and not drown, in a hypercasual experience like none other, which we now plan on explaining to you, since we've got some tidbits of information for you that will help you greatly!

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To move the left and right hand of the person, use the left and right mouse buttons, clicking them alternatively, since climbing up with two hands is how to do it, and it will give you a better grip. You will reach points where you need to pull yourselves up, something you do by pressing the W key or the Spacebar.

There will be trickier spots, when the mountain has a little indentation in it that you can use to grab on, or there might be trees, wooden wheels, objects, and rocks that you need to jump over and get past, but see if you can also use them for a better grip!

The mountain is an endless one, so the higher you reach, the better virtual climber you are, but know that you can always slip and fall, which makes you have to start all over again. If you can land not in the water, but in a safe space, use it as a checkpoint.

Your high score distance is always counted, and we hope that for each new climbing session, you become better and can beat your previous high scores.

We wish you the best, and a great day of gaming on our website, since this is just the start, so get ready for way more fun to drop! You shouldn't drop too much in this game, though!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse and W/Spacebar.

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