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Jetpack Chicken

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Jetpack Chicken
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Jetpack Chicken Overview


Flying with jetpacks online is an experience that can only be enhanced and made even more fun when the one holding the jetpack on its back is a chicken, as they're some of the most beloved animals on the internet, with whom you're now going to fly high into the sky, something they cannot do with their own little wings, as they're birds, but not the ones that can really fly, maybe just jump a bit. Well, things change here, where they use propulsion to soar the sky, and we will now teach you how to do it with them!

Fly high with the Jetpack Chicken online!

You begin with your chicken in the barn, and you have to tap a few times to get the courage and the kick-off, which happens when you cross the red line and get out of the barn, at which point, if you've gathered enough power, you will soar through the sky with the jetpack, with the goal being to fly a big distance before you land.

With each new flight, try to overtake that distance and beat your previous records. The more you fly, the more gold coins you earn as rewards, which need to be used to improve your skills:

  • Jump, to get a better start-off point
  • Jetpack, to fly further as you have more gas
  • Gold, meaning you earn more gold coins for each run

If you get enough money, you are also able to buy more skins for your chicken and take the skies looking cooler and more interesting. The game is endless, as it challenges you to always beat previous scores and fly further and higher, so keep at it until you are satisfied in your hearts, and don't hesitate to share and compare scores with other players in the comments section!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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