Sonic The Hedgehog X10

Sonic The Hedgehog X10

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Sonic The Hedgehog X10
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Sonic The Hedgehog X10 Overview


Ten times the Sonic, ten times the fun, that is what we promise right now in a new platform-adventure game with running and jumping inspired by the classic Sega game, this one being yet another fan-made rom hack like those that have become really popular in the past few years, and we're now going to show you what makes this game a ten x'er, and why you must try it out right away, with no reluctance!

Let's race with Sonic The Hedgehog X10!

Give your best to finish the race and get to the end of each course with Sonic, using the arrow keys for moving, and press Z to jump. Try to accelerate and don't slow down, because if you do that, and start on a roll, you can dash forward really fast with Sonic, who always goes fast, and finish the courses in record time, which you should be seeking to do in each level.

Along the way, do your best to collect as many rings as you can, since they represent your score. If you run out of rings completely, which happens if you hit into the robots, traps, and dangers and obstacles along the way, you lose and have to restart. You can defeat the enemies of Dr. Robotnik by stomping on top of their heads after a jump.

We wish you the best, as you deserve to have from all these games, and we invite you to check out the many other games with Sonic we've brought you here in recent times!

How to play?

Use the arrows, z key.

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