Where’s My Pizza?

Where’s My Pizza?

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Where’s My Pizza?
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Where’s My Pizza? Overview


Where’s My Pizza? Good question! You don't want to hear it fi you are the delivery driver, don't you think? Well, in a new driving simulator game 3D, we hope it won't be the case! Can you be fast? Can you be careful? Try being both and make sure all the pizzeria's clients remain clients!

Where’s My Pizza? Drive it fast!

For your trial run, try to get at least one pizza over to the chef. Tap and hold the mouse to drive and accelerate forward. At the bumps, if you drive fast, you will see that you lose pizza boxes. When you want to stop, or decelerate, release the mouse.

Mobile players will tap and hold their fingers directly on the screen to drive and stop.

Drive the best scooter!

A scooter will be your delivery car. With it, you have a trailer attached. To not lose any more pizza, buy a cover. Use your first earned money for this upgrade. What will you see? Well, you can drive fast and not lose boxes.

This means you can complete new deliveries in a better time. If you reach clients and they don't have their full orders, you lose. Put the new trailer to the test with the delivery of a Marguerita. The original pizza.

Grow your pizzeria!

Slowly but surely you will also start managing the pizza place. When you know how to deliver, upgrade what you transport. Buy new ingredients, bigger ovens, and bake more pizza. Add new trailers too. The more you can deliver in a day of work, the more money you earn. Good tips too!

Treat your VIP customers the best!

Clients who order again and again should be respected. Try to make their pizza from scratch, and deliver it on time. They know your service is good, and they want more of it. Explore the city, and expand in new areas of it to grow your business. Become the newest pizza magnate in town!

How to play?

Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid bumps, obstacles, and cars in traffic. Don't lose too many pizza boxes!
  • Finish each delivery before the time is up. You don't want to lose clients!
  • Cook the pizzas right. Bad orders get sent back!

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