FNF Yoshi’s Island: Naval’s Navel

FNF Yoshi’s Island: Naval’s Navel

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FNF Yoshi’s Island: Naval’s Navel
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FNF Yoshi’s Island: Naval’s Navel Overview


FNF Yoshi’s Is is a brand new FNF x Mario mod that we recommend you check out and play free of charge on our website! You've never gone wrong by playing rhythm games with Mario characters, and this one either! Can you face the deadly man-eater plant from the game? This time do it with music, not jumping!

Sing with Yoshi in FNF!

Win the rhythm battle by reaching the end of it. How do you do that? Well, you sing notes according to its charts until that point. To do it, when the floating arrow symbols match above Yoshi, this time on the left, press the identical arrows. Yes, from your keyboard. Keep at it until the song reaches its conclusion, and you win.

Making mistakes and getting notes wrong is not good. If you miss too many notes, or you press them wrong, you lose and have to restart. Don't you want that to happen? Well, then focus is your key! Overtake the health bar for Yoshi's side and win!

How to play?

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  • Key Authors
  • Contributors
    • iseta: Main Artist
    • Andree1x: Charter, Coder
    • ZozerKul: Icon Artist, Chromatic Maker, helped with smallthings in the song
    • Teethlust: Made the banner lol

Original Friday Night Funkin' Game developed by:

  • ninjamuffin99
  • PhantomArcade 3K, Evilsk8r
  • Kawai Sprite

This is an open-source game, and you can support the developers here.

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