Crazy Zombie 1.0: Unlimited Came Out

Crazy Zombie 1.0: Unlimited Came Out

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Crazy Zombie 1.0: Unlimited Came Out
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Crazy Zombie 1.0: Unlimited Came Out Overview


Crazy Zombie 1.0: Unlimited Came Out is the first edition of a popular series of fighting games online! In it, waves of zombies are attacking you, and with your anime character, you need to defeat them! It is inspired by Mugen Games, and it also has a 2 player mode where you can co-op! Even better, it's a street fighter game, one where survival is all that matters!

Newcomers, let us give you the basics, so you can start the action right away!

Play Crazy Zombie 1.0: Unlimited Came Out and become the top fighter!

Shimo and Sonson are the first two characters you can take the role of. The more levels you finish, and the more fights you win, the more you unlock. Shimo fights with a sword, and she's really strong, so it's great to kick it off with her!

In each level, you are in a new place around the world. The whole planet is being under attack by zombies. Defeat the zombies on the streets, wave by wave. Each new wave will have more zombies, and they get more aggressive and stronger! There are eight stages in total. Play them in the difficulty level of your choosing!

Defeat the undead, and get points in return. Grab gold that they might leave behind after you kill them. Don't get a bit too much! If your health bar ends up empty, you die and lose, having to restart!

Fight zombies in 2 players!

We know that the two-player co-op mode is of interest to many players. Well, here are your controls, so you can use your characters to their fullest powers:

  • Player 1 moves with WASD. Jump with K. To attack, press J, for a hot attack, use U. Use I for a unique skill. Press O and L to expand skills. Press J + K for a life skill!
  • Player 2 moves with the ARROWS. Jump with 2.  To attack, press 1, for a hot attack, use 4. Use 5 for a unique skill. Press 6 and 3 to expand skills. Press 1 + 2 for a life skill!

We recommend fighters to make combos. Jump and attack, use skills one after another, and deal attacks in succession. This way you strike and deal a lot of damage, and kill the zombies faster! When the energy bar is full, try to use those special attacks to their best!

Let's save the world from zombies, and fight with the anime characters!

How to play?

P1: WASD, K, J, U, I, O, L.

P2: ARROWS, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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