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What are Spongebob Games?

The SpongeBob games are based on the American animated series, SpongeBob Squarepants. This animated series shows us the world at the sea bottom. Some main characters in this series: SpongeBob SquarePants; Patrick Star; Squidward Tentacles; Mr. Krabs; Plankton and Karen; Sandy Cheeks; Mrs. Puff; Pearl Krabs; Gary the Snail. These characters appear almost in every episode in this series.

SpongeBob Squarepants is the main character in this series, he lives in a huge pineapple. He is also understood with his neighbors who play an important role in this series. SpongeBob is working at a restaurant in that town, he prepares the hamburgers. His pet is a snail called Gary, SpongeBob sees in him the best friend to whom he can tell anything and who soothes him after a hard day of work. It's friendly to everyone and always he smiling.  He's always dressed in brown trousers, a white shirt, a red tie, black shoes, and white long stockings. You can't see SpongeBob angry, he always finds a solution to be good for everybody.

Squidward Tentacles, is one of SpongeBob's neighbors. His house is very close to SpongeBob, but he doesn't stand it. Even if he doesn't want to be a friend of SpongeBob, he has nothing to do because he is both working at the same restaurant, just that the SpongeBob is a cook, and he is a seller. Mr. Krabs is the boss of the restaurant where the SpongeBob and the Squidward work. Krabs is always after money, always tries to make as much money as possible. Even if his happiness is the money, he has a daughter named Pearl Krabs, he wants to make happy and offer her all he can.

Plankton and Karen, they have a restaurant face to face with Krab' s restaurant. Their restaurant doesn't work too well, they have almost no customers, and their goal is to steal the secret recipe from Krabs' restaurant so they can have clients too. Karen is a robot, she builds all the plans to steal the recipe, and Plankton is the man who implements these plans. If we follow the series, we'll find out that Krabs and Plankton were very good friends in childhood, but because of business they start to be rivals. He has a lab in the restaurant and can do his best to steal the recipe.

Sandy Cheeks, she's a close friend of Spongebob. She's a squirrel, and to survive underwater, she wears an astronaut costume for oxygen. She has a very interesting house, which is in an air bubble made up of glass, in that bubble, has a house, and a large tree that gives her oxygen. Sandy is probably one of the smartest people in the series, every time the SpongeBob asks for help, she helps him with all she can. She's from Texas and is very good at rodeo and karate, what's funny is that if she leaves her house she has to wear that astronaut suit, but if someone comes to her home, they have to wear a bowl of water to survive.

Patrick Star, he is SpongeBob's best friend, and appears almost in every episode in this series. The coincidence is that he is also a neighbor to the main character, SpongeBob. He lives under a rock, and all the objects in his house are made up of sand, for example, the sofa, the TV, and more. Of all the characters, SpongeBob has the best fun with Patrik, when he has a day free from work, he preferred to stay with Patrik, because they are more childish even if SpongeBob has a job. Patrik has no job, so most of the time, in near SpongeBob and their favorite activity is to catch jellyfish. Because he has no job, and when SpongeBob is at work, Patrik is just eating, watching TV on the sofa, and sleeping, at that he is an expert.

The Publisher's opinion.
I like this series, SpongeBob was one of my favorite animated series in childhood. I liked the world on the sea bottom to come alive and made me more curious about what is happening in the underwater world. SpongeBob as an adult, but sometimes it is childish, it has a job and a house, but when it's with Patrik, it's as if there are two small children. I like the competition between the restaurants, and SpongeBob is always happy and this is very good for children. In my opinion, Sandy is cleverest in this series, having a tree at the bottom of the ocean is very interesting. Squidward is a bit bad with SpongeBob, but I understand it because he is older than SpongeBob and wants peace. SpongeBob's snail is very nice, and it's like a puppy. Krabs is the money-obsessed boss, he does anything to get as much money as he can, and if he loses money, he gets mad.

Is there a SpongeBob game?

Normal, here on our site we have many games with your favorite main character SpongeBob.

What channels have SpongeBob?
You can look at the animated series Spongebob on Nickelodeon.

Is Spongebob a female?
SpongeBob SquarePants is a male, not a female.

Who is Mr Krabs wife?
Mrs. Krabs is an unseen character in the series. 

How rich is Mr Krabs?
Mr. Krabs has earned over 2 million dollars.

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