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In the goal is to divide your blob in as many little characters as it is possible but of course, only if you think you are able to deal with the situation and give the little ones something to eat because if you won't be instantly die and this costs you from your final score. Use the number 1 from the keyboard in order to multiply you king blob many little ones but if they don't get any food they will die so there is no business made by you so you need to build up a solid strategy. Do not forget that it is so important for you to chase opponents like in the and eat them before you get eaten so make sure that you will score so many points without even moving too much. Do not hesitate to build up the greatest strategy ever and in you ave to deal with so many players from all around the world in this incredible online adventure so do not hesitate to become the number one in the top of the leaderboard from the top right corner of the game screen, where every player is noticed all the time, in real time! Good luck for the last time and impress with your amazing abilities!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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