Bullet Bender

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What is Bullet Bender?

Bullet Bender
In this new shooting game, you have to bend the bullets to hit the enemies. You have to shoot the red blobs while leaving the green blobs alive. It won't be easy though, there are obstacles that you have to overcome such as windmills, moving objects, and also red blobs can also move, making it harder for you to shoot them. You have to be careful to spare the green blobs, which are held hostage by the red ones. There are also bonus stages where you can freely shoot the red blobs without any obstacles or any worrying.

You also get coins for finishing a level, you can use the coins to buy new bullet skins, like the silver bullet, lipstick bullet, and the eye bullet. On some levels, you may also find explosive barrels that you can shoot and will kill every enemy in its vicinity.

Are you ready to be the master bullet bender? Play to find out!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or your finger to control the bullet.