Flippy Knife Neon

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What is Flippy Knife Neon?

Flippy Knife Neon
In this game, you need to flip knives! The knife starts slammed into the block of wood and you need to flip it while making sure it slams back into the wood and to avoid the handle from hitting the wood. Flipping the knife will give you score points, the more the knife flips in the air the more score points it gives you.

There are also combos, if you manage to land the knife correctly for long periods of time, you will max out your combo. Maxing out your combo will give you higher scores after flipping the knife. Flipping the knife also rewards you with coins.

The coins can be used to purchase other knives. Other knives have different properties than your default one, the properties that are different are power and flippiness. Power affects how strongly your knife is thrown while the flippiness determines how fast the knife flips.

Are you ready to be the knife flipping master? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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