Slice the Rope

Slice the Rope

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Slice the Rope
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Slice the Rope Overview

You need to cut the ropes for the monster to eat the candy! The candy is hung up using ropes and you have to cut them in a timely manner so that the candy falls into the monster's mouth. You have to be careful about your actions as the candy can fall off and not in the monster's mouth which will fail the level.

Later you will also encounter additional obstacles like spikes that will destroy the candy. The spikes can be stationary or they can move, you have to cut the candy precisely to not fall into the traps or you have to time your cuts with the moving spikes.

The candy can also be in a bubble, if the candy is in a bubble it will start levitating up in the air. You can pop the bubble to free the candy from it but sometimes it is crucial for the level. You will also encounter dangerous TNT that will blow your candy up later in the game.

There are also items that help you avoid obstacles like the hairdryer that will push the candy away from the obstacle. On some levels, you also have nails that will catch the candy with ropes that may also help you to avoid some obstacles.

Time to feed the monster!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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