Wormate Sweetness

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What is Wormate Sweetness?

Wormate Sweetness
If you know the original Snake game and you loved it a lot, know that here we have the version of the original game that we upgraded so that you can continue to play your favorite game. So, come and try our new game and you will definitely love it.

In this game, not the snake will be the star, but a worm that you can customize as you wish. Choose your color and size and start the game. His rules are very simple. To win you have to move very fast and collect as many candies as possible. With its help, your worm will grow bigger and bigger.

But be careful with the other competitors in the game. If you hit yourself, you will be killed on the spot and you will have to resume the game from the beginning. But, if they are the ones who will hit you, then they will die, and you will have the advantage of eating more and more candies and the success of the game will be guaranteed. Be as fast and as careful as possible, and you will manage to win the game.

We hope you like the game as much as possible and we invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.

How to play?

Mouse or Joystick to guide your worm

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