Climb Hero

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What is Climb Hero?

Climb Hero

While climbing games online have clearly been added on our website before, and we're sure that you will get to find and play even more of them in the future, today we are very excited to share with you one of the best we've had in a while, a high-quality one that you can also play easily on mobile platforms, and which is called Climb Hero!

Are you ready to become the hero of climbing?

Your muscly hero will rotate around the rocks on the wall that you have to climb, and with one of his arms he is holding the rock, while he is using the other one to rotate around, so when he is in position to grab onto a new rock, you will have to tap on the screen to make it happen.

This way you have to climb from one rock to another and reach as further up as possible, and in addition to making a big distance, which is your priority, you should also strive to get diamonds along the way, collecting them to get bonus points, simple as that. What are you waiting for?

It's that much of simple fun, so we hope to see you start the game right now, and then stick around for even more fun to come, as only here you can have it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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