Puppy Sling

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Puppy Sling
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What is Puppy Sling?

Puppy Sling

Puppy Sling is a great mouse skill game online that is made even better by the fact that it features some of the cutest virtual puppies we have ever seen, and, of course, puppies are just as cute and great to play with online as it is in real life, so we would not have missed the chance to share this game with you for anything in the world!

Sling the puppies into the sky!

With the mouse you are going to hold on to the puppy, then drawback in the direction you want to sling him, and then release the mouse to achieve that.

You have to sling him from one green point to another because if he falls, you lose. There will be static or moving traps and obstacles, and they might make you fall, so prevent that from happening, but instead try getting as high as possible!

Aim for stars as well, to get your score even higher, and know that crossing the green lines means reaching a checkpoint. There will also be items that help you sling further or faster, so don't hesitate to aim for them as well, you will notice those green pins right away.

Good luck we want to wish you all, and we hope that you stick around, since the day is far from over, meaning that more fun is on the way!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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