Mr. Superfire

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What is Mr. Superfire?

Mr. Superfire

Mr. Superfire is the newest alter-ego that we invite you to take on with one of the best new mobile shooting games online for boys to have been added on our website recently because if it wasn't that good, we would not have shared it with you, that you can bet on!

Become the skilled Mr. Superfire!

Use the right and left arrows to move, up to jump, or press it twice to double jump, the down arrow to jump down from platforms on top. When enemies are nearby and in range, you will shoot at them automatically, and after they're defeated, grab coins, upgrades, parts, weapons, or medkits that they might leave behind.

In addition to the various enemies, also be careful of mines and other traps that you might find along the way. Now that you know the rules of this simple game, nothing should hold you back from starting it right now, and maybe sharing it with friends as well!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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