Crazy Candy Creator

Crazy Candy Creator

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Crazy Candy Creator
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Crazy Candy Creator Overview


Crazy Candy Creator is a really unique cooking game online we are now delighted to share with you here, where the mad scientist does not want to make robots, mutants, or other wacky creations, but instead wants candy, even if it will be a bit weirder than regular candy, as the title of this game clearly suggests.

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In front of you, there will be a cupboard with various ingredients, with everything from fruits, to salt, pepper, sugar, oils, vegetables, condiments, and more. Use the mouse to click on the ingredients and then click on add to put them in the mixture, but know that if they don't get added, the progress bar does not fill.

If an ingredient fills the bar, it is correct, so keep picking the right ingredients until each candy is made, and see what kinds of crazy and unique combinations you will be able to make. We're sure you will have endless fun experimenting with the candy, and maybe even try some of the recipes in real life.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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