Canoniac Launcher 2

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What is Canoniac Launcher 2?

Canoniac Launcher 2

Canoniac Launcher 2 is one of the best new 'rocket launcher' game online that we are delighted to share with you right now for free, although what you will use to shoot is going to be an alien-looking monster with many eyes, big ones, and a large mouth, out of which you are shooting a test dummy robot, in an experience unlike you've had here before, guaranteed!

Play Canoniac Launcher 2 at the top of your skills!

Use the mouse to aim your robot by moving it up and down, and then click to make the shot, releasing when the meter is as filled as possible since that is how you gain more power. After the robot jumps and tumbles for a certain distance, you earn money in return, and you can click 'Go' to start shooting it again, trying to beat your previous best record.

From the shop, you can and should then use the money you have to buy more advanced cannons, which are not as much made out of flesh but out of robotic parts, but you can also acquire weapons, which you can use to hit the robot mid-air to go further, and various other upgrades.

After each run, you should always upgrade so that you perform better for your next shot, and keep advancing like this, always getting further deep into alien/robot territory. Let's begin the fun right now, and maybe try more of our great games down the line, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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