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Om Nom Bounce

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Om Nom Bounce
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Om Nom Bounce Overview


Om Nom Bounce is the perfect addition to our website to make us fall all again in love with Om Nom Games online, which is the figurehead to the Cut the Rope Games series and its many sequels and spin-offs, where right now you're about to have a totally different experience through bouncing, which will test out your puzzle-solving skills in a brand new way!

Bounce with Om Nom!

Because the Spider Wizard captured the buddy's friends, you need to help them escape, so when the spiders attack you, hold on Om Nom towards them to shoot small projectiles at them with the character, releasing to make your shot.

If you shoot projectiles from the board, you can capture them and use them when you attack, landing more hits because you will have sent out many more of them in one go.

The number on each spider shows you how many times they need to be hit, this being separated into hundreds, as each projectile is a hundred in power terms.

Each new level will feature more difficult waves of enemy spiders to defeat, but you need to go through all of them to release your friends, so make sure you win!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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