Flare NuiNui Quest

02.07.2022 1.257 13 votes

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What is Flare NuiNui Quest?

Flare NuiNui Quest

Shiranui Flare from Hololive is making her Vtuber Games debut with the game called Flare NuiNui Quest, a platform-adventure game online with a retro pixelated look that we are sure you will enjoy, since the game puts you in an amazing and wonderful world we can't wait to have you explore!

Let's start the NuiNui Quest with Shiranui Flare from Hololive!

Use the arrows to move, Z to jump, and use these keys to advance through the pixelated forest, which might be in the demo version so far, but is still quite extensive enough for you to have fun in, so go around, jump, avoid pits or traps, and meet friends and other characters along the way, with many animals being placed in this world as well.

It's quite simple as that, so let your new Hololive adventure begin right now, after which we invite you to check out the category further, since it has way more to offer you!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z.

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