Speedrun Platformer

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Speedrun Platformer
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What is Speedrun Platformer?

Speedrun Platformer

Speedrun Platformer is one of the most exciting multiplayer racing games online to have been added to our website, where you might be racing only against yourself and time on the screen, but your runs and records are being measured up against players from all across the world, so choose your name, and then give your best to always out-do yourself and keep ranking higher!

Try our newest Speedrun Platformer multiplayer game!

The game has a total of forty levels split across four locations:

  1. Dense Forest
  2. Insidious Desert
  3. South Pole
  4. Dwarf Caves

You have three minutes to complete each level by reaching its end and jumping on top of the golden trophy, otherwise, you lose. You also die if you lose all your three lives, so don't let that happen by touching the monsters/enemies or any other kinds of dangers and traps.

As you keep speedrunning, collect the coins and the gems along the way, and use them in the shop to buy new skins for your characters, but also plumes, which is another way of saying power-ups. Use the WASD keys or the ARROWS to move, jump, and double jump once that feature is activated.

Now that you know the games to this majestic game, nothing should hold you back from starting it right away and having fun with it as only here is possible, free, and unblocked!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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