Idle Survival

Idle Survival

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Idle Survival
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Idle Survival Overview


Idle Survival is a new clicker game online, but one that also has RPG elements to it, because you are playing the role of a prehistoric man who is all on his own, so he must ensure his own survival. Well, luckily for him, he is not quite that lonely, since he has you to play this idle game and help him through your clicks, gathering of resources, and thirst for life to keep living himself and see the progression of civilization!

Ensure your Idle Survival online!

Building a tent is what you start off with, so for that, you need to get wood that you will then chop. When the arrow reaches the green area in the middle of the two red ones, that is when you need to click/tap to chop the wood until you've gathered all of it you needed.

To go fishing so that you have food to eat, click to cut the wood into a spear, and use it to stab the fish. Hunting for food can be done in various other ways as well. Start a fire next by rolling the wood, and then fry the fish up on it. You might also build animal traps, or heal yourself of wounds.

Keep the man's health, energy, and living situation good for as long as possible, doing one activity after another, even though the game is an idle one, since just by sitting around he will die, and you will lose!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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