Scrappy Cat

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What is Scrappy Cat?

Scrappy Cat

Scrappy Cat is a classic Miniclip Game online you can now play free and unblocked directly from your browsers, no flash needed, where a black cat has had the love of his life stolen, a cute white cat, and now you need to help it get back to its beloved, save her and get back to their date. Are you ready for an adventure with cats online unlike any others? This is it!

Join the Scrappy Cat in its adventure of love!

Use the mouse to click in order to make the cat jump, and if you want to make a bigger jump, hold the mouse button. The cat goes forward automatically, changing direction when bumping into walls, and you can get higher by jumping between one wall and another. These animals have always been agile, so it makes tons of sense they can do that.

You can also hold onto chains and slide down and then make your jump when needed, or get even higher by jumping from one chain to another. This square-looking world will give you all sorts of obstacles in your path, so make sure not to die by losing all your nine lives, you will need to start all over again from scratch. Win, and don't get scratched by the cat!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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