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Zom-Be 2

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Zom-Be 2
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Zom-Be 2 Overview


Welcome to Zom-Be 2, one of the best new 2-player games with zombies and adventure and action elements all in one, where cooperation between the two players is what will help you with surviving the apocalypse of the undead, just like we have had as we played this amazing new game ourselves. Let's teach you how it works, so you can start the fun as well, immediately!

Play Zom-Be 2 online for free with two players!

Use WASD AND the ARROW KEYS to move, jump, and kick with your two characters. In each level, you have three stars you need to collect before reaching the door at the end of it while avoiding traps and enemies you might encounter because hitting them leads to loss and having to start again from scratch.

Power up the generators when needed, stand on buttons to open metallic doors, and break the wooden ones by kicking them with the bigger zombie brother, and know that the smaller one is better at jumping and moving around.

Each new level is not only a new adventure, but also a new kind of puzzle for you to solve, and we're sure you will have plenty of fun doing it since working together is both fun and rewarding all at the same time!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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