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Punch Bob

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Punch Bob
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Punch Bob Overview


Punch Bob is a game as simple as it sounds from its title, but you can bet that it is also just as fun, since the more simple these online games are, the more fun they are, and we're sure we will be proven that right now and here once again, with our team being delighted to have shared this game with you all immediately after playing it ourselves!

Help Punch Bob win his wrestling matches!

As you can notice from his look, Bob is a wrestler, and his main move of winning against the other wrestlers you find and have to beat here is by shooting himself up at them, something for which you use the mouse, drawing a line towards the enemies and then releasing to shoot him.

Try getting all the targets in as few shots as possible, since that is how you get coins in return, which you can then use for buying new skins, and make sure also to try being more skilled from one level to another. If you can drop on the TNT boxes to make them blow up and shoot items at your enemies in case you can use this move, or any kind of another move.

We wish you all the best, endless fun as only here is possible, and really hope to see you around some more, since even more great games are yet to come here for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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