Stone Age

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What is Stone Age?

Stone Age

Stone Age is a brand new idle game in 3D with civilization-building elements that we are sure you will really appreciate from start to finish, guaranteed, just like it has been for us, and we know it will be for you as well, since this format has been tried and tested many times before, and it is always a guaranteed hit!

Rule the Stone Age online!

Use the mouse to move your caveman around the map, and start off by collecting meat, and using it to build your first base. Then, you need to get tribesmen to your camp, something that you do by defeating members of the opposing tribe.

To do that, go towards the blue cave people, beat them in battle, take the meat that remains, put it on the fire, and then use it to exchange it at the tent for new people that will then be spawned out.

Using this method you grow your tribe, defeat enemies, and take over their land, land which you can use for further development and growth, as you always need to grow bigger in this kind of game.

You've surely understood everything so far, so let the fun begin, since the best way to enjoy it is not reading about it, but actually playing it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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