Spiny Maze Puzzle

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What is Spiny Maze Puzzle?

Spiny Maze Puzzle

Spiny Maze Puzzle combines puzzle games with mouse skill games all in a package of mazes in a way that few games have managed to do before, so we really hope that you're ready for this fresh new experience right now and here, since we really wanted you all to play this amzing new entry for our website!

Solve the puzzles in the spiny maze!

In a maze, there is a ball, and the goal you have to complete the level is to make the ball enter through its hole, something that you will do by spinning the maze around. Click/tap on the right to rotate it in that direction, and click/tap on the left to rotate it into that direction, simple as that!

For each level you are being timed, so try your best to finish the levels in a good time, because depending on your performance you will receive from one to three stars at the end of each level, and you should know that each of them gets more difficult than the one before, of course.

The best we wish you all, as always, and if you think your friends would also enjoy this experience, share it with them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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