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What is Flipman?


Flipman is a version of the classic Pac-Man game that you all know and love, only instead of the regular yellow character with a big mouth, you will become a Galaxy Flip 4, which is a flip tablet device that can also eat things up, as you will see, and we're sure that you will really enjoy this fresh new take on the format. Enjoy!

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Use WASD to move around the maze with the tablet, having to eat all the yellow dots to finish the level and win the game, getting points in return for them all, but avoid the ghosts lurking around, because if they touch you and cause you to lose all three lives, you also lose the game.

An apple is a special item that allows you to eat and eliminate the ghosts, by flipping the table on them, so don't hesitate to grab this power-up and fully use it to your advantage. Good luck, and focus, both of which we wish for you, as they're important, and we hope to see you play even more amazing games of ours!

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How to play?

Use the WASD Keys.