Left = Lose

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What is Left = Lose?

Left = Lose
As the title of the game suggests, if you go left you'll lose! This is a simple platformer game where you can only go in the right direction or you will fall and lose. The game presents you with many challenges because of this fact in the level design.

You need to get over obstacles that are in your way like pitfalls with water, falling them will fail the level. Other than water you will also find spikes that you must avoid falling into to not be forced to restart. You may also be forced to restart if you fail to reach a platform and there are obstacles ahead of you. There are also cannonballs that you must be careful about.

You will encounter collectibles in the game like the apples. These apples will give you a score. There is the red apple and the golden apple, the golden apple is harder to reach but gives you a lot more points. The score and the number of deaths and restarts are also shown on the top left of the screen.

Try to finish all of the levels!

How to play?

Use WASD/ARROWS to move.

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