Super Playboy

Super Playboy

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Super Playboy
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Super Playboy Overview


Super Playboy is an old but classic action-adventure game with fighting, where you become the title hero, who is not quite like your regular superheroes, as he only uses his powers for good in the hopes that he will become more attractive to girls. Still, it's good enough, and you're here to help him in his missions of fighting and defeating the bad guys!

Become the Super Playboy that will banish evil forces away!

Use the right and left arrows to move, up to jump, and if you jump while having speed behind you, you can also fly. Hold the button to drop onto enemies to defeat them from the sky, or use regular punches on them with S. Kill the required enemy units in each level, while protecting your health bar, because its depletion means your loss as well.

Now, you have various levels to go through, or you can choose to play in the survival mode, where you try to keep going forward, for as many enemies as you can defeat! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys and S.

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