Super Fighters 2

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Super Fighters 2
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What is Super Fighters 2?

Super Fighters 2

Super Fighters 2 is yet another exciting retro action-adventure game with 2 players that our administrative team is very happy to share with you all on our website for free right now, as we've had an amazing time with it, so you can bet that you will too, even more so if you've already played the First Super Fighters Game.

Play Super Fighters 2 online unblocked for free!

Use the arrows to move, jump, and slide, pressing the right or left ones rapidly one after another if you want to sprint, and use them in combination with the down one to roll. Press N to attack, and press M to shoot if you pick up a weapon, which you do by going through it.

In each level, you have to go through the courses and defeat all the foes you encounter while being careful not to let them kill you instead, or get defeated by various dangers you might encounter. Player 2 will use W, A, S, and D for movement actions, and 1 and 4 for attacking and shooting.

This one brings you many new levels, awesome mechanics, and tons of villains to defeat, which we are positive you are going to enjoy a lot, just like you do with all our retro action games online!

How to play?

P1: Arrows, N, M.

P2: WASD, 1, 4.


Mythologic Interactive

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