Drunken Fighters Online

Drunken Fighters Online

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Drunken Fighters Online
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Drunken Fighters Online Overview


Welcome to Drunken Fighters Online, a new mobile-friendly drunk fighting game online with stickmen, a format that has been around for a while now, but when we've got awesome editions such as this one, we make sure to share it with you immediately, and if you also play it right away, you will not regret this decision for anything in the world, guaranteed!

Have fun with the Drunken Fighters Online online in a new fighting game!

Touch the right side of the screen to go forward and attack, and to go back and attack you touch on the left side of the screen, simple as that! The goal is to hit the opponent enough times to deplete their health bar because if the computer does that to you first, you will be the one losing.

Each of the fifteen levels features a battle that is more difficult to take on than the last one, but also more fun, without a doubt, as you will see! The fifteen level is a boss level, and know that with the stars you earn from fighting you can take and use them towards upgrading your own avatar and make your stickman fighter better.

Let's begin the action right now and here, only here, after which we await for you to play even more of our daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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