Destroy the Stickman

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What is Destroy the Stickman?

Destroy the Stickman

Destroy the Stickman is about to be a really fun, funny, and challenging puzzle-arcade game where your role is quite simple, which is taking a ragdoll stickman and trying to wreck it as much as possible, a format that has increased in popularity over the years, and we're sure that this new edition is also going to be up to your liking!

Let's Destroy the Stickman online!

Use the mouse to control the movements of the stickman, throwing them around in each level, making them hit into traps, spikes, dangers, and other things like that, because the more they get destroyed, the more points you earn in return, and you need to get points to unlock new levels.

In each new level, there are items around that will make the destruction bigger, so try using them in ways that are as creative as possible. Simply good luck we wish you all, inviting you to stick around for more fun to come, as there is still plenty to go around, as with every new day of gaming here!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.