Swordsman of Persia

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What is Swordsman of Persia?

Swordsman of Persia

Swordsman of Persia is here to continue the recent trend of simulator games 3d with fighting, adventure, and action elements, games that have transported into various parts of the globe, but also in history, being able to take on the roles of various famous warriors of the past, as you do right now in this new addition!

Become a Swordsman of Persia online!

Bahram is the name of your protagonist, the role you will have to play, living in the city of Khavarshahr, where you have to now defeat the many invaders that have swarmed over it, having to take them all on and defeat them.

Use WASD to move, shift to run, space to jump, and use the mouse to attack using your sword. Defeat all the foes you encounter, while avoiding the strikes they send at you because if your health bar empties out, you lose.

Good luck and the best we wish you, of course, and we hope this is far from the final new game you play here today, as we're not done, and you should not be done either!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, shift key, and the mouse.

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