Bounce and Collect

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Bounce and Collect
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What is Bounce and Collect?

Bounce and Collect

Bounce and Collect is a really fun new action-arcade game in 3D we are very happy to share with you all on our website, a game with a premise unlike you've seen before, a world and map that might remind you of pinball games, and tons of awesome levels that will challenge you, but that only means that you are going to have tons of fun with them at the same time!

Let's Bounce and Collect for the highest score possible!

Use the mouse to hold a cup in your hand, and then move it to make the balls fall out of it, having to make them fall through the gates on the board which have multipliers or additions, so that you can get enough balls through the final gate of the level, otherwise you cannot clear it.

Always try getting more balls than you need to get even more points while being careful to avoid gates with reductions or divisions, which will make the number of balls you have smaller, and might cause you to lose that level in that case.

Each new level is more difficult than the one prior to it but also guaranteed more fun, so start right now, have a blast, and see what other amazing games we've got in store for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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