Color Gravity

Color Gravity

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Color Gravity
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Color Gravity Overview


Color Gravity is yet another awesome platform jumper and skill game with a focus on your reaction time, a game that you can also play on phones and tablets, where your timing in changing the gravity of the ball is going to be the key to conquering each stage, and we're sure you are going to have fun level after level, ball after ball!

Change gravity to keep the color of the ball going!

With the mouse or finger, you click or type on the screen to make the ball change gravity from down to up or vice-versa, having to stick to moving across the platforms that have the same color as your ball, because if you are touching platforms of a different color, you lose then and there.

There will also be spikes, pits, and other deadly traps and obstacles that you need to avoid. When you enter through a ray of light of a different color, that is when your ball changes color, and you now need to gravitate towards the platforms of it, doing it until the portal at the end of each level to pass it.

They get progressively more difficult as you advance, but we guarantee that also more fun at the same time, so try to see how far into the game you can reach, and get the most out of it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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