Ragdoll Rise Up

29.01.2023 534 9 votes

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What is Ragdoll Rise Up?

Ragdoll Rise Up

We're starting off our series of daily new games for the day with quite a strong addition such as Ragdoll Rise Up, w new interactive puzzle game that you can also play on mobile phones and tablets, which we are sure you will really love from start to finish, just like we did, hence why we made sure to share it with everyone!

Help the Ragdoll Rise Up!

Use the mouse to click on the colored bricks, platforms, and items that are keeping the ragdoll from moving into the sky further. Use the mouse to click on the items, but know that some of them cannot be removed, and know that spiky items are dangerous because if they fall onto the balloons, you are going to lose.

In each level, you are going to have a puzzle that is more difficult than the one before it, but we are sure that the more you focus, the better you will do, and the more fun you will have, with us hoping that you will finish all the levels, and not stop here for a second, since more amazing games are to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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